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Company Profile

Pal Mohan Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is one of the conglomerate company of  "PAL MOHAN" group, involved in manufacturing "PAL MOHAN" Brand Static kWh Energy Meters bearing 'ISI' certification mark, by employing manufacturing techniques of International Standards, since 2003.

We are one of the leading manufacturers of Single & Three Phase Static Energy Meters, CT Meters, Pre-Payment Meters and latest SMART Meters of assorted ratings at our modern and well equipped state-of-art factory at New Delhi, conforming to the specifications of all State Electricity Boards and Utilities in the country.

Pal Mohan Electronics having experienced engineer's in the field of energy metering & electronics is one the Government of India recognized design house.  Pal Mohan has always been following International quality manufacturing standards in India to manufacture and supply  High Level Specification Meters ideal for use by residential, commercial and industrial utility customers.

The meters designed and manufactured by Pal Mohan aim to meet not just the quality, performance and functional requirements of utility customers, but also to address the important aspects of the utility business environment in compliance with the national /International standards..

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Product Range


Single phase / Three phase Tamper proof Static Meter
  • Mechanical Display
  • LCD/LED Display

Single phase /Three phase Tamper proof Multifunction Meter with LCD/LED display

  • With TOD feature
  • With Optical communication facilities
  • With AMR facility
  • Database (BCS) and Communication Software
Three phase Tamper proof Multifunction Meter with LCD display .
  • With TOD features
  • With Load survey facility
  • With local/ remote communication facilities
  • With KWh, KVAH and R KVA Energy and Demand Measurement
  • Advance tamper detection and logging
  • Tamper Snap shots for electrical parameters
  • Database (BCS) and Communication Software
  • HT/LT CT operated meters

Single phase/ Three Phase Multifunction Prepayment Meters

  • With smart card
  • With communication features
  • With POS and management software
AMR Solutions

AMR solution based on PSTN /GSM/PLCC

AMR software and product support

AMR turnkey projects as per customer's requirement

Salient features of Tamper Proof Meter Boxes

Tapered roof, so that water does not stay at the top

Toughened glass/transparent engineering plastic viewing window for meter reading

Window fixing from inside only with metal supporting clamps or Ultrasonically welded/molded
Cable entry and exit through cable glands, not operable from outside
Door hinges, fitted from inside and not approachable from outside
For locking and sealing the cover with base, two nos. u-shaped latches /clips are provided
Provision for padlock for additional sealing
For ease of wiring meter-mounting portion is raised about 10mm
Provision for holding meter reading scanner
Provision for D-type RS 232 connector
Provision for Push button for data scrolling

Custom built features as per customers' requirement

Our Group Companies

VAM Electro-Devices Pvt. Ltd.
Palghar, Mumbai.

Pal Mohan Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. 

Pal Mohan Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

We at PAL MOHAN aim to develop & deliver such Energy Products and  Systems which contribute to A Green Environment for a better tomorrow.